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“An Austrian monument” on Italian soil: come and visit Miramare Castle

Along Viale Miramare which bears the same name as the Castle itself, at approximately 8 km from the Albergo alla Posta and only a stone’s throw away from our 4-Star Hotel Miramare, you will be able to admire one of the symbols representing of the city of Trieste and its famous Austrian history.

Maximilian of Habsburg’s Jewel

This castle, which is the most visited of all the monuments here in Trieste, was built in 1856 based on an idea conceived by the Archduke of Austria Maximilian of Habsburg.

Situated in a suggestive location, directly overlooking the sea from the panoramic Grignano promontory, here, Maximilian wanted to build his own personal residence combining the Neo-Medieval and Romantic genres and in this way he wished to set a widespread trend for many members of the European nobility for centuries to come.

Around Miramare Castle, Maximilian created a luxuriant park, with statues and all types of embellishment and above all, incredible botanical species coming from his many trips abroad.

The fate of the castle soon became closely linked with that of Maximilian of Habsburg himself, who was killed in Mexico in 1867: it continued to experience shifting fortunes during the Habsburg Empire, until it came under Italian administration towards the end of the First World War.

The Miramare Castle Museum

As from 1955, the Monumental Palace has hosted the “Miramare Castle History Museum” that is still open to the public.

This is a unique opportunity to visit the rooms that where Maximilian and his wife Carlotta resided, which are well-kept and contain all the original furnishings including ornaments, furniture and objects dating back to the mid-19th century. Also a visit to the Throne Room is an opportunity not to be missed; it has recently been renovated and brought back to its former splendour.
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