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All the benefits of safe, fast and direct booking

How to find your hotel in the centre of Trieste with B&B treatment (room and breakfast), for the best fee?

Make your reservation early and book directly on the website!

We have a dynamic fees system, similar to that of the world of transport (think of train and airplane fees, which vary on a daily basis according to the number of seats available).

The safest and fastest channel

Our official booking system is certainly the privileged channel, given that:

How to find the best fee

Just click on the “Book now” button from the website navigation menu, choose the period of your stay and reserve your preferred type of room for the best available rate, with advance payment of a non-reimbursable fee.

To proceed with booking

We reserve the right to immediately cancel the reservation, should the validity of the card not be confirmed (due to insufficient funds or failed authorization from the correspondent circuit).

Therefore, make sure you have inserted the correct card number and expiry date, checking that this is later than the start of the period you are booking.

Great one
" The hotel was in the right place near station and at the center of city which give s you money s wearth the breakfast was fantastic with all those needed in a hotel start d with the room and the staff. "
Denis Degabriele